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16-Sep-2017 19:42

The new Sony Ericsson Aino has been confirmed to link up to a Play Station 3 and will use Remote Play which allows users to watch Play TV on their phone. This acts as a quick reference to the various functions of a controller, Blu-ray remote control and remote play using a Play Station Portable.

Settings and other features: Play TV is only capable of tuning DVB-T broadcasts, so is not available in regions which do not use DVB-T.

Guide (Electronic Program Guide): Play TV allows users to set recordings and change channel from the Guide; also selectable is a Favourites guide which is a list of a user's favourite programmes.

The Guide shows a full description of all programmes.

It started out innocently enough – a few extra levels or characters for a few quid. Extra content that would normally be included on the disc started being ‘Premium’ content, costing you extra to play the stuff that just a few years before would have been free.

Barring Final Fantasy XIII, what big-name releases are there that have eschewed DLC? Then look at things like Sonic Adventure, which is charging players to unlock the sections time you paid for the game. If it’s the latter, you’ll probably start seeing a few experimental charges levied here and there for bigger updates to add-ons. Soon enough, we’ll be paying a fee every time we want to switch on our damn consoles.

Play TV is a HDTV/DVR add-on unit for the Play Station 3 (PS3) video game console.

Library: The Play TV Library is where all the recorded content is stored.

In February 2009 another update was released, which provided improvements to standard definition upscaling.

On 23 August 2010, details of a new update (version 2.01) were revealed.

The library is also where content can be exported to the Play Station 3's main menu to be stored with the rest of the user's video files.

While playing back the recorded content, users can pause, fast forward, rewind, skip to/from and turn subtitles and audio description on/off. Schedule: The find and record feature allows users to search the next 7 days worth of TV programmes by searching with a key word in the title of the programmes and/or the description of the programme.

Many users complained that since the update the Play TV software became unstable, with the most commonly reported symptom being the software hanging on the Play TV launch screen and not proceeding any further. In Linux or Windows, Play TV can handle AVC/MPEG4 HD broadcasts which are used in Ireland and continental Europe.