Dating someone who suffers from anxiety

01-Jan-2018 21:01

Like with most medication, anti-depressants too have certain clear contraindications and side effects.

And the more aware you are of these, the smoother your dating relationship will be.

Be informed about medication If you are looking at a relationship with someone suffering from an anxiety disorder, it may be a good idea to be aware of his/her medication.

Anti-depressants, particularly the SSRIS, have been shown to be effective in treating anxiety disorder, while sometimes benzodiazepines may also be prescribed.

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Shared interests like hiking, carpentry or dancing will keep both you and your date busy, give you something to talk about, and at the end of the evening bring you closer together.

In order to allay this anxiety, decide on a distinct start and end time for the date.

Most importantly don’t get perturbed if there are lulls in the conversation – they are to be only expected in a normal conversation.

Anxiety among healthy people is a normal even useful reaction to a stressful situation but among some people anxiety can take an extreme and chronic form even when there is no reason to.

One of the most common anxiety disorders to affect personal relationships is Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD in which people have an excessive and persistent fear of social and performance situations.Other places of interest like a zoo, carnival, circus or amusement park can also be great dating ideas if you wish to go easy on the activity but keep it casual and non-threatening at the same time.